Asbestos | Lead | Mould | Methamphetamine

Virotech is an specialist environmental health and safety company which provides the following services throughout the upper North Island:

Asbestos Hazardous Material Surveys

The Health and Safety in Work Act 2016 now requires that all buildings built before the year 2000 have a register of hazardous materials on site. Virotech specialises in providing comprehensive asbestos survey’s and registers, which comply with international standards for asbestos surveying and auditing.

Air Monitoring and Reports

Good air quality is important for good health. Virotech provides independent air monitoring services for hazardous materials, including; asbestos, lead and mould. Virotech also provides air monitoring reports for background, encapsulation, and clearance testing.

Methamphetamine Sampling & Testing

Methamphetamine Clan Labs are one of the biggest risks for rental property landlords and potential home buyers. Virotech provides a contamination testing service for methamphetamine related volatile organic compounds and chemicals.

Carpet Contamination Sampling

In buildings that contain, or have previously contained hazardous materials, carpeted areas are often overlooked and can be contaminated. Virotech provides a carpet sampling service that uses specific carpet filters for accredited laboratory testing.

Invasive Mould Sampling

Moisture testing can be an unreliable method of determining mould, depending on a buildings cladding products and environmental conditions. Virotech provides an invasive mould sampling and testing service that uses air monitoring within specific areas of a buildings wall cavity’s. This is often performed as part of a comprehensive pre-purchase building report.

Hazardous Materials Signage

Virotech are experts in design and installation of harzardous materials signage for commercial businesses.

Laboratory Testing

Virotech uses an IANZ accredited laboratory for all hazardous material sample testing.


Virotech provides consultancy services for hazardous materials and occupational safety and health matters.